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    Warranty. The product is guaranteed for a period of two years 
from the date of receipt by the Society “Le Postillon” (hereinafter "the seller") of this document, duly signed by the purchaser, and which is the purchase contract. The warranty includes free repair or free replacement parts of which would be non-compliance due to action or omission of the seller. The guarantee 
does not include shipping. The buyer loses his right to the collateral if the defects are not disclosed the seller, in writing, in a time of 8 days from the date of the delivery. 
Exclusion clauses. The guarantee is limited to the first owner. The warranty is not valid for all cases of misuse or neglect of the product, the non-compliance with instructions and informations relating to its operation, installation or maintenance wrong. Any amendment to the product that was not done by the 
seller cancels the warranty. The products used. The seller disclaims any responsibility in case of damage to the product during shipping, even free. 
6. The seller accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury against the property or persons due to improper use of 
 product, inadequate maintenance or changes do not comply. 
Specific cases.
 1. For Module Solution III, our tests, conducted at 28°, providing 8 hours of autonomy. Because the atmospheric and positioning conditions strongly influence autonomy, this period is only indicative. 
 2. If of receipt of a simulation, the characteristics of the product it was agreed between the parts and set out on paper simulation value of condition of sale. This document must be attached signed to this document. 
Terms of sale. 
1. The delivery time is from receipt of the deposit and this paper duly signed. 
2. All claim relating to a possible defect and / or lack of compliance must be communicated in writing to Le Postillon in 8 days after delivery.
3. All product is payable to the address of the seller, under the conditions of this document, clear, much cash, without discount, at the exit of the fabric. 
4.The product delivered remain the exclusive property of the seller until full payment of all claims resulting from this document. 5. The balance is due before shipping. 6. The order is valid upon receipt of down payment and the instalment of this document signed by the purchaser.
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